Monday, July 5, 2010

I don’t think I have the original so I scanned the shirt.  This is the design I did for our Delaware Friends of Folk FALL FLING back in 1997.  I do a shirt every year, wonder what I’ll come up with next?
This festival is still going on each year but it is now called the Delmarva Folk Festival.
We are having our 19th Folk Fest on October 1,2- less than 3 months away.  Save the date and come on out!
This design is fun for lots of reasons (to me, anyway!);
  • I wasn’t a professional graphic designer, yet, back then.
  • We had Norman Blake as the headliner.  The dude riding the chicken should bear a likeness.  I don’t know if he saw it.  That’s another story.  I was inspired by a book of larger than life, fantastic postcards from history- a kid was riding a chicken in the book.  Maybe something else from that book will inspire the 2010 shirt?!
  • All the art was done by hand, I probably printed ‘Fall Fling’ on my inkjet and pasted it up.  I had a Mac but no Adobe products back then.
  • I did know a gal named Delma that lived in Seaford, Delaware at the time.  I told her she got mentioned in my design, she wasn’t that impressed.  She was very nice about it, well, she was just nice anyhow, a coworker when I was working at the newspaper.
  • I really did wish you were there.