Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early 2012 work

Getting caught up in the spring activities, not blogging here much, I will try to add more.  There's lots to be added.

This is the design I did for one of our resident artists here.
 Here's the back, too, cards with UV coating on the front and none on the back so that you can write notes, he plans to underline the job describing himself to the person he meets, clever, I think.  I left plenty of room in the middle to scribble information or a message.  The card will come with rounded corners to compliment the curvy design work.  He's special.  Something like this retails about $70 per box of 500, mileage may vary in how much fun it is to design!

This card looks artistic because I had free reign to design it, I asked Robbin a lot of questions, knowing him, I knew what he needed and he just loved it!

By the way, I have ceased reproducing art done by others, when I print marketing materials, I am doing the design!  You can ask me but I believe I am superior to anyone in design, if you don't agree, well, you need to work with them, not me.  I am very humble about my capabilities, really and I have plenty of testimonials to prove it, too.  No brag, just fact.

 My own band's new business card, done with rounded corners, not shown.

©Jan Crumpley 2012 of @jancolors
This is the Hotel Richardson, with which I am completely obsessed.  Ask me.

I have been quite busy doing menus, printing envelopes & brochures for clients this winter, now that it is spring, I really must concentrate on fine art to get ready for my solo show at the Dover Art League in August!  Ask me about that, too.  Follow my art blog at

This is a labor of love, I've been doing this program for 10 years, now.  I think this is my best one, yet.  Here's where you see the full range of my layout skills.
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This is Jerry's postcard, which sprang from an ad we did for him at a conference over the winter.  Again, I was given artistic license, he was easy, because he is in fact a cartoon character!