Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Busy Time but more ART!

I have been very busy since I've opened my gift shop, the Delaware Store and partnered in a Co-op art gallery, Parke Green Galleries with two other fine artists.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

June Jam 2013

Here's the flyer!

Now, I just have to get them some good prices on printing the program.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Booklets I have made

I've been posting my PDFs on a free flash site to display them,


In my previous posts, they do not show up any longer, thanks, Blogger.


Whenever you see "Open Publication", click that link, you'll see my sample.

Logo Design

This is one of my logo designs, working with the client, to achieve some colorful results.

Business Card Reprints

This is a business card that was originally set up by the client themselves and I copied the style and had them reprinted to their satisfaction.

And another...

Old-Style Postcards, My Way

I've developed an InDesign CS6 template for town names in this style to imitate old postcards from this area.  This one was my holiday card from last year.  Yes, that is the Hotel Richardson in the "R" (along with my husband, dog & kitty), I have been obsessed with it for a while.  I am planning a revival with current pictures for Dover, Smyrna and Milford.  These will be on sale soon at Delaware Made.

Colorful Poster

This is the poster for the latest exhibit at the Art League.  The colors used by the artist drove the design, it was a real pleasure to make this!